Time without internet access


I made a 3d printed led signboard, with WLED. I used a wemos D1 mini controller.
I use automatic turn on/off with macros and it works well if a NTP server is available. But no wifi is accessible where the signboard is, so every time power is disconnected, time is resetted to 1970.

I add a RTC module with battery (DS 3231) connected to SDA and SCL pins of the card. But it’s doesn’t seems to works with Wled. Time is lost when power is disconnected.

Does someone succesfully use this kind of module with WLED? Does when the NTP server is accessible time is setted on the serial I2C port?

Thanks for your help !

There’s a usermod (“RTC”) that looks like it covers that.

Thanks, i will check how to use this!