Timing query. Beat


As a first step I have created a 3 strip 25 LED test run.

About my project!
A Christmas light setup with at this stage 5 esp32 controllers all timed to music, saw it on Facebook.

Mostly it works great.

But I am having difficulty getting the timing right for the “beat” sequence? 254 is a tad to slow 255 is a tad to fast (Scan). It is also a possibility there is a small amount of wow & flutter in the recording I have chosen? I have no idea how to check for that.

Is it possible to physically (WiFi or hardwired) sync with the audio? or will close enough have to be good enough.

Thanks Roy.

There’s a separate build of the software called WLED SoundReactive (SR).

You can find specific details on past forum messages and you can download the current builds from the SR section of Serg’s fork: Serg Firmware

Others have used the interface capabilities of WLED to connect 3rd party software such as LedFx or xLights.