Audioreactive functions

Is there someone that has good ideas on integration of audio reactive functions?
I have tested the , great idea, good work but what i need is a simple usable beat detection in audio signal .A beat detection that is useful in triggering the effects.
I made a project with WLED: but i am searching for a simple integration of audio reactiveness. I am a hardware guy, know how to copy/paste and understand some lines of code with endless respect for all you talented friends.

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hello my friend what i am fan of synced music and lights and what i am working with to achive sync music with lights is ledfx there is a great video of drzz in youtube fo a complete installation of led fx and how to use it but because it is running on python on your computer and theen sends data to your esp8266 remotely some times there is a smalll latency because it uses your pc hardware something that is positive for the esp866 board but because there is no hardware connected to the board and the board just recieves messeges through wifi as i said latency is still there. Although there are a lot of options to play with in ledfx that is verry exhiting. Moreover a good idea if you have or if you expect to buy philips hue is to sync a philips hue bulb or light with wled and use philips hue audio reactive mode or i dont know how it is callled to achive what you want.

This is a link to github code from Aircookie for audio reactive Leds

Hi, i have seen this also but its like an electric car with a trailer full of batteries, shure it works but it has to be much simpler.
I like the approach of atuline, process some audio on the esp32.
I see it like some code that generates a beat / volume related variable that is usable on all the effects and with an extra slider on how much the music affects the effect. In some effects just brightness in others triggering things with this variable.
I have been fuzzing around with the code atuline made and a MAX9814 mic. but to integrate this in all the effects is more like a thing for the more experienced members here, i succeeded for 1 or 2 effects but i have no idea how to integrate this in the whole structure of the code. soon i will have more time, maybe go on github and get involved. Just seen a new release

could you help me with more informations about your file.

i need a bin for a memos and to know which microphone and how to connect it to the wemos.

thank you