Does this chip work with WLED??

Which one?

The TYWE3S chip

TYWE3S should be an ESP8266 so I would think yes.

It keeps coming up with WLED error 2

And which binary should
I be running on it?

Error 2 means it can’t write to flash, so you are using the wrong flash size. Looks like it’s 2M.

Which one should I be using?

Try this one:

Better yet, compile one yourself, I know it can be a little daunting at first but this gives you total control over how the pins get configured and what modules are included.

Colour won’t change at all and I’m not getting any errors

Is that board using GPIO2 for LED data?

To be honest I don’t have a clue

Oh my, @codyham put some heat shrink on those long exposed wires soldered onto that board. They appear to be touching in the center right of the posted image.

Sorry them wires have been taken off since the photo was only there to flash the chip

Is there a way to find out what pin the data for leds are

You are using a board that has no documentation? You’ll have follow the board traces between the LEDs and the micro.

Yeah it’s a board from


That’s an analog strip kit. May be a clue in that Tasmota template, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

Yeah thought that could help some how

There’s also a esphome one aswell

Note that you would need an analog build of wled, not the one linked above.

Here is a link to the board with some more info about it.
TYWE3S - Tasmota