UI problems after switching to Pixel 6

Hi there -

I use WLED for various things around the house, but recently something strange happened. When I got a new phone (Pixel 3 → Pixel 6 Pro) the WLED UI has all kinds of problems. Duplicate options, missing controls, etc.

Still works just fine on my old phone. I even downloaded the “WLED native” app to see if it was some issue with the official WLED app, but the " native" app had the exact same problem.

Anyone else seeing this?

Perhaps it is a problem with the web view in the latest android release.
Does the UI appear correctly when you enter the IP address of the WLED unit in the Chrome browser on the pixel 6 (the IP address is the number like below the device name in the app)

You are correct, I tried connecting directly to one of my boards and it looked fine.

Would you be so kind to try my fork and the UI there?
You can get binaries from @srg74 Github repository Wemos Shield bins