Underwater led ring :) for my lay-z spa

EDIT final version:



Yes!! Would be so much better then there own.

Very good design and being battery powered is also very nice , did you test that underwater if you still could access the wifi say in 2m deep pool . Even that video you made is very professional .

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I tested in a ziplock bag, but since the spa is only 60 cm deep it is fine (walls are thinner) and this is mounted to the wall

Yeah now I seen your other posts and the spa size , others faced some issue with wifi in a deep pool so wanted to compare , tbh i just used TikTok for first time to watch your other work which is very interesting to me and a group of students we work with , Do you have a site for your builds info

not yet but I will publish it after it is working :smiley: I decided to add a magnetic usb connector, because the wireless charging is not very good.

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Here is the final version:

it works very well :smiley: stays underwater all the time. The only issue is the battery life, is about 2-3 days to get to 60% while the esp32 is sleeping. But maybe being submerged in hot water affects that:

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