Unfortunately problems with Wled SR

I’m sorry but I don’t speak English!
I have install Wled and it works perfectly…congratulations!

So I installed WLED SR and encountered 2 problems.

  1. when it’s on and there’s music (audio line in), it works fine but not always. If I turn the power supply off and on again, the effects work but the sound effects don’t work. It seems that the music signal is no longer being processed. i’ve used Default pins.

  2. Is this a bug? When I turn on the power supply, all the LEDs remain in orange color, then if I select an effect, it works normally (or it doesn’t work as in point 1). Is it possible to turn on the power supply and the ESP32 works with the previous effect?. I mean, is it possible that the effects start automatically? The main problem is that it is boring to activate the effects with the smartphone every time. It would be better if it worked automatically and changed the game of light following the favorites.

Is there a solution to my problems?

ESP32 DevKit.

Thank you

The Audio issues as you have noticed is most likely related to power , the best way to test line-in t is to power MCU from PC and also use line-in from PC .Also try to make the gain higher

if you want to setup a specific preset then make that preset a boot preset ( under led pref )
There is also a user mod for autosave which will automatically save the last preset you used .
For best result make sure you are using latest 14 with audio user mod from here WLED installation (wled-install.github.io)

thank you very much for the answer (tomorrow I will do some tests).
Unfortunately I “forgot” one detail.
I would like to use the device in stand-alone mode, without PC, only with power supply.
what you told me, is it always valid?

yes , test with PC and with PSU