We are not all skilled

I am sure I am not alone in this request / statement… Although I’m a pretty good engineer, programming in C++ and the corresponding IDEs are out of my area of expertise and for the most part, interest. That is why I am drawn to products like WLED. They provide enough capability that one with my skill level can do really interesting things without the need to programming in C++. So in lies the problem. I would very much like to change the WLED output pin for a number of reasons, the least of which is to be compatible with existing hardware. Although the actual program changes to do so may be minimal, compiling the program is, so it seems, well beyond my abilities. If this simple change, that I know others would enjoy, could be exposed as a configuration option in the native application, it would pretty much give me, and many others, ALL we need to be off to the races. Please consider this request as I am quite stuck here. Thanks for listening.

Hi and thank you for your perspective on that feature :slight_smile:

Configurable pin support is coming in v0.12.0! You will just be able to set the LED type and pin in the settings like any other option. Hopefully it will still be released this year, I can’t guarantee it though!

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