Wemos d1 mini pro keeps restarting

I have a d1 mini pro controlling my outside lighting, but ever since I bought it, I can barely access it through the app or the web interface, because as soon as I try accessing it, the controller restarts, but when I manage to access it, if I try navigating around the GUI, then it restarts. Just to clarify, the psu is NOT the issue, the issue ether is the d1 mini pro or the wled. I’ve tried running wled 12.0 and 13.0-b7.

Are you able to attach it to USB and perform serial monitoring?
If yes, get debug build and try to observe serial output.

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I can plug it into my pc, but how do I perform serial monitoring? Can I just use the Arduino program for that? Thanks.

Yes. Use serial monitor (top-right magnifier).

I also have very unstable esps. Especially the 0.13.0-b* crashes after some minutes.

I definitly don’t have the layout problem.

Seems like the issue isn’t just 0.13-b6, I’ve been having a lot of issues with WLED since mid 2020 on esp32 and esp8266. So the issue ether is that there are a lot of defective ESPs or WLED just doesn’t work right.

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I don’t know about the last one. This is a b5 build on an 8266 and one I don’t mess with much.


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I have WLED running on multiple ESP32s and ESP8266s, all work fine, except that one d1 mini pro. I had issues with couple ESP32s a year ago, but I have replaced those controllers since then.

I am only using my fork which has not seen an uncontrolled restart since 0.13.1-bl4 when I implemented single JSON buffer (available after 0.13-b5).
Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 23.29.19

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I have an esp8266 running outdoors over wifi inside a small plastic waterproof electrical junction box - ~an electrical outlet box in size. I can cause it to lock up and restart if I click around too much. However, if I recognize the esp8266 has limits and turn off the LEDs so I can reconfigure WLED, I find it locks up much less and I get the changes made, LEDs back on, and it works autonomously for months on end.
If I stay out of WLED, it keeps working. If I go into the web UI and mess around while busy effects are running, I slow down and WLED will keep working fine.
Perhaps this is similar to your situation?
I have WLED on an ESP32 much further away without an external antenna and it never once locked up on me even when I rushed around in the UI.
Maybe if I had less wifi signal I would see problems with the ESP32 as well.

For me it turned out to be that the ESP8266 doesn’t like three LED strips, so I ended up using only 2.

Hmm yeah, my esp8266 has one long pieced together strip with many segments.
Glad you found a solution.

Perhaps upgrade to an esp32, maybe a QuinLED DigUno with esp32 ethernet - if ethernet is an option, or esp32 with external antenna to boost wifi signal.

There are other boards similar to QuinLED DigUno that run WLED very well out there, but I still prefer that configuration because of added safety of input and output fuses built right into the board.

Sorry if this turned into an ad or testimonial. Just trying to suggest alternatives that allow all 3 strips to still work off a single controller.