Random restarts and trouble connecting

I’m using a Heltec WiFi kit ESP32, bought from amazon uk, I have several others and they are all working fine with no issues. One is controlling 750 WS2812b LEDs with Alexa integration, EspAlexa, ArduinoOTA and NeoPixelBus, I have no issues with.
I have flashed WLED 0.11.1 and have had the following issues after configuring.
1 - Can’t connect reliably to WLED web server from any device, iPhone, iPad, PC and ChromeBook all tried, sometimes it works most times it does not.
2 - Once connected there are a lot of times where an error is reported, can’t connect to web server.
3 - Once connected running an effect works for a bit. I have had it stable for more than a day then restart, other times it will restart after a couple of minutes, running the same effect.

Is this suitable hardware to run WLED on?
Can anyone suggest UK available hardware that is more reliable that the Heltec board? A link would be appreciated.

Thanks to AirCookie for a great project, I’m sure it’s just hardware issues that are causing the problems I see.


So the device was working and you then flashed wled? If so you need to make sure that a full erase was done. Also need to make sure you used the correct bin file.

I have erased multiple times, esptool.py erase_flash
I have used the WLED_0.11.1_ESP32.bin file


I’ve now managed to erase/flash WLED/Flash boot loader a Mini D1 ESP32 that I was having issues with, no WLED AP, and that is now running. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what stability is like.

OK so an update, the Mini D1 ESP32 has been stable, no restarts and web server is very responsive from all devices.
Putting it down to hardware issues with the Heltec device.


I also,had issues with the Heltec WiFi kit esp 32 boards…ordered two and have the issue on both boards. For me I tracked it down to WiFi incompatibility with my google WiFi access point….

For WLED I’ve switch to dev_kit v4 boards and no problems at all.