Wifi connection very unreliable

I am using an ESP32 D1 mini flashed with WLED_0.11.1_ESP32_ledpin16. I am trying to implement this with a QuinLED Digi-Uno.

I am having wifi connectivity issues. It often takes several power recycles to get a wifi connection to WLED either from the Android app or webpage. This occurs with just the ESP32 powered on it’s own (not connected to QuinLED Digi-Uno.

It is even more unreliable when I plug the module into my QuinLED Digi-Uno. I have to try 20 power recycles before I get a wifi connection to WLED. Additionally, my LEDs do not illuminate.

Is it possible that the ESP32 D1 mini is faulty? Is there another way I can test it?


Looks like your board is dump.

Yep it could be the board. I’ve had several failures regarding WiFi which can also be due to poor quality 3.3v onboard regulators. I also had one failure due to poor soldering on the WiFi antenna pcb that connects the esp32 chip.
Other than fully erasing and re-flashing the only other option is to try another board and compare the results.