What happened to the photo identifying pins for flashing H803 WiFi

I’m sure that the link for H803 WiFi device used to link to a picture of the PCB with the connections identified… Where has this gone?

Things vanish from the interwebs sometimes. Does it say who wrote that section? If so, check with them.

It was @srg74 . The picture is still on a page https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield/master/resources/Images/H803FW.jpg The links seem to be corrupted.

Photo is ok.

Should this link point to the picture?

Definitely an issue, the “Firmware fork” reference hits a 404 error, while the “H803 WiFi” seems OK but only points to Serge’s fork. There don’t seem to be any obvious H803 references there any more.

Image link