WLED + Chataigne, Blux & Bento

I’m Ben, creator of a suite of open-source software for artists and technologists :

Chataigne : Chataigne | Chataigne (github link on the main page)

Blux : Blux | Blux ! A new way to control stage props (also github available)

BenTo : (link in next post, max 2 links in one post…)

I posting this here because I think a lot of WLED users could be interested by them, as it features both realtime interactive behaviours and timeline based animations.

Chataigne is a general-purpose orchestra conductor to synchronize all kinds of protocols, software and hardware, with a full state machine system for real time interactions as well as agnostic timelines to control pretty much anything in sequences.
A user of the Chataigne community made a custom module for WLED control for Chataigne, so it’s pretty easy now to integrate WLED with pretty much anything and have them synchronized with whatever your want.

Blux is a light software in development, allowing to mix traditional stage lights and modern lights such as WLED devices to create very precise shows. Can be entirely controlled from Chataigne, and features its own effects block based multi-timeline system.
/!\ Blux is under heavy development, so no documentation yet and subject to breaking changes !

BenTo is specially designed for controlling autonomous moving LED devices such as juggling clubs, balls, music instruments, etc. It features many ways of creating and animating patterns with multi-prop coherence, spatialization, node-based pattern creation, multi-layer blend timelines, live scripting, baking and uploading support.

Bento also features its own led control firmware supporting all the features mentioned above and more, but there is an ongoing project to try and port those features to a WLED fork to join forces and bring best of both worlds instead of splitting resources and communities.
/!\ BenTo is also in development and because of the potential change to WLED, no documentation until the firmware is stable


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BenTo link : GitHub - benkuper/BenTo: Official BenTo Light Props Show Authoring Tool

Been waiting for wled integration with chataigne, seems to work well!

PLease share link to any demo or tutorial. The link to tutorial is broken on the site Bunx

Yes Blux is in ongoing development, there is no tutorial or documentation right now. I’ll be workign on that hopefully next month