Wled i2s mic with only 2 pin

Hi, i have create board with esp32 and many other cheap to control led with sound reactive feature.
But i have a problem my mic on this board is : MSM261D4030H1CPM, is i2s pdm mic but with 2 pin.
I try to connect pin CLK to io15 and pin DATA to io32, and enter this pin on wled sound params but for mic i2s pdm he need 3 pins in params (SD, SCK, WS).
How to connect this mic ? None of my try work :frowning:
If other people have idea !
Thank you ! :smiley:

Up ! If my explication is not clear please tell me.
I can share all my files, and picture if you need !

Funny enough, I was just looking at this mic.

It would seem you want “Generic I2S PDM” which allows you to ignore the SCK pin, making it a 2-pin I2S interface.

You also need to NOT be using an ESP32-S2 or ESP32-C3 as they don’t support the PDM “decoding” in hardware.

You also 100% have to reboot if you’re playing around with I2S as it can only be initialized once - otherwise you need to restart the board (reset or power on/off)

Hi Troy, and thank for your help.
I have ESP32-WROOM-32(16MB) who i thing support PDM decoding.
I plug my MIC on pin 8 (IO32) and pin 23 (IO15), what number do i have enter in field (8 or 32 for example)?
I try all possibility with hard reset betweet it but none work … maybe my connection ?

or maybe my welding ? :pensive:

I don’t have one to physically try, but the code suggests leaving the pin as “undefined” and select the I2S PDM type - and then the code will init the I2S interface with just the 2 pins.

There’s the MoonModules fork of WLED and I find that’s usually the most bleeding edge for sound reactive stuff (and other usermods being available baked in)

Nightly-ish builds here:

You likely want the 4MB MAX one.

Hi, i try this beautiful MoonModules fork’s !
I love it, is my new wled binary for my project, documentation is clear and with this params :

I can’t see my led flash many time, but is not audio reactive i thing just react on a electronique noise.
I keep searching solution my next test : deconnect “L/R” of gnd.

I’d suggest starting with squelch to 0 and gain to 1, and then turn on AGC - automatic gain control (start with “vivid” for testing)

And turn off dynamics for now.

The “profiles” under Frequency are mostly like an EQ for the mic source - you can play with those as well.

You may also be correct in moving “LR” or “L/R” to either 3.3v or GND. Set it up (if you can) to make that easy to swap back and forth for testing.

Welcome to the wonderfully painful part of debugging sound reactive. :smiley: