WLED on Sonoff Basic (ish)

Hi, looking for a way to use E1.31 to control a relay (eg, a lamp) from something like a Sonoff Basic (actually I’m using generic ‘mini wifi plugs’). My use case is, part of my holiday light-show is fairly static, lights in the front windows… That and I really don’t want to continue using Tuya… This seems more like a job for Tasmota (is that a bad word here?), but it doesn’t speak E1.31, and it doesn’t seem like that’ll change, people have asked.

Does WLED have a way to just be a single DMX channel and turn the GPIO on/off? I loaded the 0.11 binary on an ESP-01 and poked around, and I’m not immediately seeing a way to do it. I also searched for “relay” and “sonoff basic”, without anything coming back.

Configure WLED to have 1 LED. Create a usermod that checks if that LED is on and then drive the default relay output pin to whatever state makes sense for your needs. If it’s a NC vs NO contact, the output pin is opposite the default WLED configuration.

I mention it simply to give you another way to drive your output device.

Reason is speed. If the relay opens in 15ms, but closes in 75ms, you might consider NC if it’s a dynamic output.