Wled + servo motor ? esp32


can help me ? in the soundReactive_WLED_0.13.3_ESP32.bin version I’m looking for a way that the sound not only led reacts but also the servo motor (5v) moves and that 360°

Interesting idea , I think that could be good to test , we have tested the pwm output usermode https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/tree/main/usermods/pwm_outputs
and it works well with servos so might be you could try to mod it to use the data from the audio usermode

I will try that idea my self as soon as i have access to local pio

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thank you! am curious about your information. will also look at myself and with a little luck is another funny idea at the start

if still the speed would turn to the effect faster or slower… top effect possible in my eyes :wink:


I’m about to begin a WLED project to connect one or two servos. Could you help me understand how this is done with a schematic? I understand I need a PWM driver, but I am not sure how to connect that to the WLED. Does each servo need its own driver? I’ve seen the MoonModules PWM usermod as well, is this able to control multiple servos? Do I have to go into the code to update anything?

Thank you so much for any insight you can provide with servo control.

I only used this usermod https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/tree/main/usermods/pwm_outputs
and you do not need any driver module for servos .Compile with that and you are good to go .
This is the board i used with 6 servos to simplify the wiring as it is cheap for about $2

Thanks for sharing! That is the usermod I’m planning to use, but have less experience with understanding the electrical circuitry to make everything work together. I’ve done two WLED project successfully for just the LED portion. Do you have a handy schematic to show how to wire them up? Do the servos just get 5v power and then pick a pin on the ESP?

Sure it is very simple , just give the servo 5v and any pin you set in the PWM output usermod and it will work , the board i listed above just made the wiring a bit clean . I would suggest you test with one servo and all will be clear

With the expansion board you’ve listed, does it work to connect the female of the servo connector directly to the board to get the data, ground, and 5v without needing extra wires? Just trying to get everything squared away before I start! Thanks!

Yes if you use the same board you can connect your servos data,gnd and 5v directly to that board , that is way it made the project so simple , demo here Discord

Could you send an invite to the channel for me please? My username is nhi_nguyen3

Thank you!!!

Not sure how cause i can not see your name

Might be try this WLED

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hello @ALDIY I am just trying to get WLED to control Servos ( ideally over artnet - but for now just via the web app) I am using latest build which has PWM output configured… I can control LED’s over PWM totally fine. but the Servo doesn’t seem to work correctly - the PWM channel doesn’t actually control its position… it sounds like it is just modulating the power… i.e. I can hear the motor get louder / quieter etc. but not change its position… I was hoping to map the position via the brightness of the channel… if that makes sense? is that only possible with that user mod you Link to?

My testing for the pwm output usermod was to make a demo for a robot with 6 servos which worked , the control was done with the api which we tested by saving it to presets and also from external control like node red , you could technically add brightness to the same api so that the movement is linked with brightness with multiple presets

right - yeah, I thought there might be a more plug and play function. that would allow me to control the position of the servo via artnet … using something like a 0-255 value to translate to position of the servo ( 0-180 ) … if that makes sense? my dream setup was a single ESP32 board controlling led strip, PWM channels and also servo positions all via artnet… I can get 2/3 working so far… just not the servo…

I honestly did not have that in mind when testing but did you try to play with the sync interface to at least be able to change presets ( i did not test art net much and most of my testing with external control was with ddp )

I have tested installing “usermod pwm outputs” in the LEDs Settings configure a new type “PWM White” but the same thing happens to me, I cannot control it in a sustainable way via ArtNet or with the WLED web APP. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you so much

Not directly Wled but

WS2811 >3 servo board uses AT Tiny to do timing conversion


Hello, the subject interests me a lot as well. Has there been a viable answer to the possibility of connecting and controlling a servo motor ou Step-by-step engine via wled in artnet? Avec un eesp32
Thank you all