WLED with DigQuad Ethernet type

I am having trouble connecting to WLED from my iphone using IOS WLED App. I manually entered the IP address and it will not connect. It works fine from my PC. If I enable wifi it creates a different IP address in my network and I am able to connect to this one using the Iphone. Is it ok to have wifi enabled and ehternet cable connected to digquad at the same time? I prefer to get it working over ethernet if possible but this seems to work for now.

What IP address works on the phone and what IP address works on the PC?

Is your WiFi network on the same subnet as your hardwired Ethernet?

I have two wifi networks. they are all on the same subnet. It works on either wifi network. It will not work using the hard wired ethernet IP address which is also the same subnet.

If they’re all on one subnet, there shouldn’t be any reason why the PC would connect and the phone wouldn’t.

Do you have any other hardwired servers/devices you can connect to with your phone?
Is there any chance you have multiple DHCP’s set on the WIFi network?

Feels like a network problem to me, any chance you can try with some other WiFi device, tablet,laptop,etc?

After digging in my network I noticed that my iphone will not ping any address that is on the same network 192.168.70.xx that it is connected to. I will however ping my other wifi network. 192.168.107.xx . This makes no sense to me. Why would my main network that my iphone is connected to block it from pinging any devices within.

Definitely network issues…
When I setup WiFi AP’s, the first thing to check is where your DHCP address is going to come from.
Usually I set everything to be controlled from the wired router. I prefer to set the WiFi routers as pure AP’s, no independent DHCP. that way you have control over routing from the central point.

You could move the WLED device to the .107 network just to prove the iPhone will work. It’ll let you narrow the issue to the network.

well it is definitely a network setup issue. Now I need to try an understand what is wrong. I would think that if my phone connects to the same network as all my wired devices. I should be able to ping them but that is not the case. Maybe a firewall setting?

That would be my guess.
As I said, unless you have a real need to firewall in the WiFi AP’s, I just leave them as raw AP’s and control access from the main router.
What brand of AP’s and main router are you using?

I have all Unifi networking equipment.

That should give you good control over all the routing.

Time to start tracking pings to see where they stop.
You may have to move over to the UniFI support forums to debug this one.

Hey, at least we know it’s NOT WLED :wink:

for sure. I need to now improve my networking skills… :flushed:

There is an issue with ethernet code (I opened a ticket on github for it) that is present on rare occasions.

Try unplugging ethernet cable for a few seconds after reboot. This should fix it until next reboot.

Not likely that WLED is the culprit, he’s able to connect via PC reliably when hard wired, but not via various WiFi devices to the same hardwired network.

follow up.
after beating my head against the wall I was able to get it to work. What I ended up doing is creating a new network (192.168.2.xx) then created an new wifi connection. I connected all my laptops, and Iphones to this network. From this network I can now ping things on each of my 3 networks. I then connected my iphone to WLED and I am now up and running… HURRAY!! The wifi network that is giving me trouble is setup on my main LAN IP. I have no idea why it won’t work. I even went in my firewall and applied my settings one by one to my new network to see if I could break it and everything is still working. Well don’t know if this is the “technically” correct way to fix things but it works. Thank you for all you time and help. Peace.

No problem, glad you got a workable solution.
I’ve spent enough time dealing with network issues to know that eliminating variables is always a good technique.
You’ve got a working scenario now, might be worthwhile to take backups of your relevant configuration files just in case you do the - “I’ll just change this one setting - what could it hurt?”.
Backups are your friend…