WLED won't start with logic shifter plugged in

When I turn on the power supply the ESP32 lights up but the LEDs won’t turn on and I can’t access wled (says its offline). But if I unplug my 3.3v-5v shifter from the 3.3v pin on my ESP and plug it right back in the ESP instantly comes online and everything lights up and works fine.
I have two ESPs both wired the same way and both have the same issue.

Additional info:
I’m using all four ports on the KeeYees 4 Channels IIC I2C Logic Level Converter
The ESP32s are Devkitv1

I would choose a different shifter. “I2C shifters are generally too slow for WLED, so don’t use them.”

Thanks, I’ll look into getting a different chip.

But I still can’t figure out why the whole system works when I unplug the chip and then plug it back in. It seems like speed is fine when everything is in place.

Likely the shifter connection is pulling your GPIO pin Hi (or Lo) which is preventing proper power up.
Try and connect with a different GPIO.

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Thank you Divsys!
It was pin 12. It was pulling high like you said.