Ws2811 4-pin 12v not turning off

I’m using diguno with esp8266 and ws2811 string led but with a 4-pin.
I have connected it correctly on the board (the green and blue wire are data) and the effects and color are working. However, when turned off, it stays off for a few seconds and then do random effects.
I’m thinking to use a relay to fix this but it would complicate my desired setup. I already tried hooking only the green wire and bot g/b wire to the data pin but it’s the same issue

Below is the photo of the led:

When you say “random effects”, do you mean it visually looks like a real effect like waterfall or chase, or do you mean “random” artifacts where the LEDs simply do weird things randomly? These are very different problems and are solved completely differently.

Also, sounds like noise from not using a level shifter.

Real effects and they change in sequence. I’m going to try hooking it up without the data pins.

Without the data pins hooked up, it is still the same.

The video of the issue below, I turned off wled at 19s:

Can you hook up the string with power only (just red and white?)
Don’t hook up WLED at all, just two power wires.

I’d be interested to know if the string lights and/or gives you any sequence.
Where did you buy those strings?

Still the same with only power hook up. I bought this from Lazada on a seller with somewhat good rate. I was trying to find a local cheap source of led strings with reviews. I ended up returning them and purchase from Amazon.
The first 4 that I bought from aliexpress have high delivery charge.

If you’re getting the same sequence with only power, then I’d say it’s built into the string itself.
Were they advertised as programmable?
Sometime you have to read the ad veeeeery carefully.
Don’t know if there’s anything you can do with those lights.

There are some that go into a demo mode if there is no data for x seconds, i.e. TM1814. This is currently being looked at to support.


My question about random effects was based on my thinking this very thing – supplier shipped TM1814 instead of WS2811.

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