WS2812 16x16 matrix orientation

I started with a WS2812 16x16 matrix. After many tries I confused myself and may have glued the matrix the wrong way in the frame :joy:.

What is the correct “hardware” orientation of the matrix?
There are “DIN”, “DOUT” and “Power” on the back side.

The TOP:

  1. These connections are asymmetrically placed, near one edge. I think the “top” of the matrix is this edge, right?

The Right edge:

  1. I think the DIN connector is near the right edge, right?

If that is correct what would be the right config?
I think serpentine is correct, but there are 2 different check boxes for that.

Is there some guide to learn and understand all this?

On my 16x16 matrix, LED 0 is the one closest to the word “DIN” on the back side. I myself use this as the TOP LEFT pixel, but it looks like you can vary any way you want.

At first I was also confused by the config → The top mention of “sepentine” (as well as that whole section) refers to the case where you have multiple 16x16 matrices stacked together.

If you are starting out with a single 16x16 module, then that top section makes no difference. You should focus on the bottom section, where the configuration for individual 16x16 modules is set. In my case I had to set “sepentine” in that (bottom) section.

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Thank you it worked perfectly.

I found that my matrix is glued wrong in the case :smile:
Is there a way to “flip” or “rotate” the matrix orientation in some way? This way I could correct my mistake by software and not with a knife and glue in hardware.

So in the 2D setup, in the section “LED panel layout” (at the bottom, just above where you have selected “serpentine”), you can set the orientation by selecting where the location of the first led is. Have you determined where your first LED is? (If you’re not sure where it is, you could ‘trick’ wled by telling it there are only 2 LEDs in total, then you would know where the first pixel is, and in what direction the second LED is.)
Or you could just try a few combinations and you’ll probably find the right one pretty quick.

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