Ws2812b rgb-w?

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In terms of addressable LED strips, the WS2812B and SK6812 come to mind as the most used. From my knowledge, WS2812B are RGB only while SK6812 is RGBW (there are 3 variants of the white).

I am looking to install SK6812 within my entertainment area because of the “W” as I’d like to set the strips to warm white when in general use and use the colours to get the party started. lol

But during my search, on Banggood I found WS2812B with RGBW. See the link

Now the question is, is their listing incorrect or does WS2812B come in a RGBW variant? If this is the case, does WLED support the “W” in the WS2812B RGBW as sold on Banggood? I would think that WLED would allow me to turn on the white only and use the different effects for the colours.

The issue is that since those LED strips are not available to purchase in South Africa, I have to import them, not to mention that from searching online, I’d have to import the snap connectors, corners, etc, etc, etc to connect them up properly, so I want to make sure that I make the right decision when purchasing the LED strips.

Looking forward to your response.

SK6812 is two variants: RGB only and RGBW. Now RGBW can be with WHITE cool, daylight, warm.

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You are correct, per the datasheet WS2812b are RGB only.
However, product listings often advertise something as WS2812b even though it actually isn’t, just because most people will not search for SK6812, but for WS2812b, as it is a lot more popular.
And since the SK6812 have the same protocol as the WS2812b, this misinformation is generally not a big problem. The listing you linked is most likely SK6812 and will work just fine.

WLED does support the 4th white channel without issues - just enable it in LED settings :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses. I looked through the questions on the listing, but when asked about whether the chip is SK6812, it was specified that it is WS2812B which doesn’t make sense. I did post a question to the listing so I hope somebody responds.

I have to order from Banggood due to their shipping options to South Africa which according to others, I would choose the tax-free option and the goods are couriered to me in SA instead of via our postal system which is very unreliable.

Oh I can feel your pain. Once I dealt with SA postal service. China slowest service is much faster :slight_smile:

Hi folks, I posted the question to the Banggood listing and this is the response I got:

“Thisis WS2812b RGBW. The form is completely correct. The difference is that a chip does not need 3x24 Bits but 4x24 Bits.”

So hopefully to the author of WLED or anybody else, will these work with WLED?

Very strange answer. I never have seen WS2812B in RGBW. So most likely they just sellers who don’t have a clue what they selling. On Aliexpress look for BTF lighting store. A lot of people have a good experience with their products. Oh and they have SK6812 RGBW. I prefer to use with warm white and have a strip with neutral white. Both types is very good.

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