WS2814 based Power-LED Pixel

It exist some WS2811 based solutions for powerpixel. From 1W to 100W RGB is all kind aviable.
But I found nothing similar for RGBW.
Next point is the poor length and stability for datawire from controller to LED and from LED to LED and levelshift.
So i will build my own solution :slightly_smiling_face:
WS2814 is your friend. In addition with RS485 driver. RS485 is designed for distances from some 100 meters. I tried 5 meter from WEMOS D1 to pixel and 5 meter from pixel to WS2814 stripe. It’s no problem and very stable no flicker or colorsparkle

The 3,3V rail from WEMOS is the supply for a 3485, the 3,3V version from RS485 busdriver

this is my first test and development on breadboard. I’ve cascaded 3x WS2814. the second is the powerdriver. It drives over 4 pnp transistors 4 switched current LED Driver what powered a CREE MC-E Power-LED.
2x 5V RS485 driver translate from bus to pixel and reverse. This solution is also a levelshifter from ESP8266 :innocent:

this is the driver from RS485 to Dataline for stripe

this is the schematic

PCB’s are in production. I’s a set of 2 round pcb’s with 70mm diameter. It’s a sandwich. First board is for electronic and second board is for screwterminals. If the pcb’s are errorfree I will show it here :smiley:

So i’ve developed this project a bit further :wink:

This is the PCB with WS2814, 4 step down current sinks 700 mA, 2 RS485 transciver (in & outside), a 7805 switcher replacement, a sockled fuse and a 26V TVS diode

the connectors are on a second PCB as sandwich mouted

this is a complett lamp

In this lamps works RGBW CREE MC-E LEDs, its a bit oldfashioned but in my stock :blush:

For powerdistribution I use a 24V 150W Meanwell PSU. 7 Spots use 1 Amp (one Chip, 7 lamps 100% power). This matched with 3W p. LED plus switcher losses.

A thrid PCB with ESP controller is ongoing :sunglasses: