Once more ESP8266 based WLED controller

most guys her know the problem, that a ESP controllerboard, like the WEMOS mini D1, needs some extras, like levelsifter or Power-FETs. These extras are SMD and not breadboard friendly - more like “birdseeds” :sweat_smile:
And for every project do you need a board with different options, like what you have in stock :upside_down_face:
I will share with you a universal PCB, what have one design, but different options in assambly.

PCB is a 70mm circle. I designed it for my WS2814 based spotlights https://wled.discourse.group/t/ws2814-based-power-led-pixel/9869
This board can powered from 6,5 - 24V, output options are RS485 for long distances to pixelstripes

or up to 2 fast levelshifter

or 4 logiclevel MOSFET.

you solder only the parts, what you will need und configure these options with 5 solderpoints.
A 78xx switcher derivate is for the wide input voltage range. A 3,3V Version for RS485 or Power-FETs, for the levelshifter you need a 5V switcher for levelswitcher and a low drop 117/3.3 to power the ESP.
Also flexible is the board with ESP modules. You can use the plugable ESP-01 or on backside from PCB a ESP-12 or ESP-07
If my tiny PCB is interest for someone, I will share the Gerber files :grinning: