X86/x64/arm server version

Hey folks,

Do you know any way to run the webserver on a common linux server? I think it could be a great idea!!! thanks and regards

The code is currently tied-into ESP chips.

Yes, I know, but since wled is ready to run an interact with other wled devices, I think it would be nice if we can have it as a service (on the same server that Home Assistant for example) and have the nodeMcu devices with esphome… (Ithink the new version have some support for wled protocol).

IMO it have some advantages like:

  1. Allow you to take advantagees of ESPHome + wled
  2. Allow you to use other available pins on the device
  3. No need to flash the device to add effects

Maybe we can compile an x64 version (I’m a developer but have no idea about c++)

Thanks again for your time

Since the webserver mostly serves just static pages, you could host them on any system!
If you want all of WLED to run on x64 (or non-ESP arm like Raspberry), we would need to replace a lot of ESP-specific libraries and rewrite their interfaces.
Interesting that you mention ESPhome. WLED is a full firmware though, not a protocol, so I’m not sure what you are referring to. Even though the protocol for driving Neopixel LEDs might be supported, it does not mean that it could take advantage of WLED’s effect and segment features.

But I agree with you, in the long term I would really like to make at least the core features of WLED (webserver + LED driving) available on other platforms, a prime candidate for that being the Raspberry Pi.

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