XMas Megatree

Since i have been asked to post some pictures…

Last christmas I did a Christmas (small) Megatree with a 600 pixel Matrix.

I used 12 of these LED String: AliExpress Link

1 ESP32

and xlights Software.

The goal was to fit it around a normal tree:

Therefor it builded this:

All Light Sequences have been made in Xlights and are streamed wireless to the ESP32.


my favorite:


Thanks for sharing, amazing !

May I ask you to share some technical details about the controller ?
ESP32 (NodeMCU?), have you used a level shifter to drive the strings ?
xlights configuration, etc.

Just for noobs like me :slight_smile:

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I really like your favorite too! Where did you find the xlights show components for these, or did you build them yourself, or both?

I love your project! Where can I get information about it?

Thank you all for the positive response. I will try to post some details but at the moment it just does not fit in my tight schedule.

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Very nice. It’s amazing how you can transform a bush or tree into something spectacular.