15m Strip - Noob questions - no Hardware bought yet

Hello all

i’m new to WLED and planning a project with about 15m strip in length which can be animated in one long strip. I did not buy anything yet.

  • I think 12V is a must at this length?
  • planning to use 3x 5m strips of 60 LED’s each - or are there longer ones out there?
  • what kind of power supply do i need?
  • Would one controller enough for this length?

Thank you!

12v+ just means less injection points.
The standard is 5M rolls. You mean 60 per meter, correct?
With the above info, you can calculate the supply size.
One controller can handle thousands of LEDs, but you need to consider the performance you want.

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Sorry, correct - 60 LED per Meter, so arround 900 LEDs in summary

With injection points you mean a seperate cable from the power supply to the strip in length?
Is there a formula regarding, how many “injection points” i would need with 6v or 12v? Or maybe a circuit diagramm?

Thank you!

Yes, separate wires.

Injection is typically needed every 2-3M for 5V. 12V can go further. Best to test your setup and see what is needed.