2 segments (one RGB, one GBR) -how to control?

Im making a Christmas tree with a star. The tree is made up of LED strip and is GRB config.
The star I wanted to make with LED strings(wires) …is RGB config.
Is there any way to setup to tell WLED that different segments have different configs?

last…is there some LED strings that ARE GRB ?

Only way you can do it as of right now is to use a fork from @blazoncek

Hi, I searched around for a fork by blazoncek … not finding… how to do get this ?
Thanks again

Or in the Dev branch of 0.12 (which is in alpha right now) which adds multiple independant strings of LEDs on their own pin on ESP32 boards only.

See This Thread which has a video showing what you need.

I’m running 0.12 on an ESP8285.

Does the ESP8285 support multiple LED strings on 0.12? (I thought I’d read that the multiple strings was a ESP32 supported fesature only, but I might be wrong on that… so would be interested to hear if others have it working on other hardware.)

Multi pin feature is planed to be available for ESP8266 and ESP32.

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