After update to 13b7 it starts LED on at every reboot, anycase

Hi, I’ve tried to disable and save it, if I open the page again I see it unchecked, good, but when I reboot the ESP8266 I have led switched on, why?

to fix this I had to select 0 at “Apply preset at boot (0 uses defaults)”, if there is another number it turns LED on at boot, doesn’t matter if “Turn LEDs on after power up/reset:” is not selected

That depends on the content of the selected preset.
If preset does not contain brightness or on state LEDs will remain off.

thanks, but I consider it a bug, if the “Turn LEDs on after power up/reset” is not selected, it should not turn it on in any case…

You are wrong.
If the preset contains On command LEDs should turn on. Period.
If it does not, LEDs should remain in whatever state they were prior to applying preset.