Alexa control of Cold white and Warm white

Hi guys,

It took me a while to get the CCT COB 24V Led strips working with WLED. It is very tricky and the order of connections is important. Anyhow, it is now working and I have an issue with the Alexa integration and the color control.

  • In the WLED UI there is white channel and white balance and then there is brightness on the top right corner. Why is there white balance? All it does is reducing the brightness. It took me a while to get this working properly without flickering and the on / off button didn’t work either. Now it is working but white balance only changes the brightness. Anything I am missing as I am using PWM CCT running 0.13.3?

  • I enabled the Alexa integration and named it. Alexa found the light and I can control it with on / off and I can control the brightness via voice as well. How do I change it from cold white to warm white or vice versa? I tried many different voice commands but whatever white has been selected in the WLED UI is it. I cannot change it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.