Appreciated Christmas Background - Thank you

I’m a new WLED user - maybe 6 m months now. Over the holidays I noticed that the WLED background changed to a Christmas “Santa” image and I just wanted to day thank you to whoever added that.

WLED has been a fun and useful project and I can’t imagine all the hard work that you folks have put in to make this available to all of us. Kudos.


Hi and welcome to the forum , I just noticed that feature after you asked

Go to Config -->user interface -->BG image URL


you can have different backgrounds on any chosen day.
upload holidays.json using the /edit page with the following format


where YYYY is a year (0 for every year), MM month, DD start day, L number of days to show for, URL of the image file (can be local).
you can add as many lines (denoted as [...]) as you like.