Athom controller

Hi everyone, total newbie would like some help on connecting my Athom controller to my Wi-Fi, tried following instructions but I’m not sure whether I’m connected or not. I’m using the iOS wled app on my phone, think I’m going to need someone with a lot of patience. I’ve got 12v 10a power supply, 5m 60led/m 2815 and the Athom controller with wled pre flashed.
Pls help. Thanks.

New here myself.

I found the easiest way to find the controller if the app didn’t spot it was to go to my router settings using my computer and look for a new IP address that had just turned up on the network, and then just type that into a web browser.

Otherwise, if it isn’t showing up there, go to your wifi settings on the phone and look for a new wifi channel called ‘WLED’ or similar, and join that. I thin the default password for that wifi is wled123 (at least that’s what Google comes back with).

Once connected you should be able to set the Athom box wifi to your home wifi and then it should show on your router, so connect back to home wifi and connect to it via ip address.

Hi Gordon, thanks for the reply, I’m getting somewhere with this in as much as I get wled app on my phone to see wled_D8… but it says offline? I don’t have a computer just iPad and iPhone. Im not good at all this internet ip address stuff (gimme a washing machine no probs) baby steps for me lol.

OK, I assume you are connecting to a home router to get internet on the Ipad using wifi? And you know the name and password of the home wifi network.

You need to connect the the Athom Controllers own default wifi hotspot using your phone/tablet.
Once you are in there, go to Config and then Wifi Setup, and fill out your home wifi SSID and Password. And then click save.

Once you have done this, reconnect your phone/tablet to the home wifi and the Athom should also be on there.

If the WLED app doesn’t find it, get an app of the Apple Store that will scan your local wifi and find anything on it, the Controller should be on there, note the IP address and type that into your browser.

And that should be it.

Okay I’ve got it to locate on my Wi-Fi but when I go to wled app it can’t find lights by itself but if I enter manually the ip address it comes up with (new light) yay, but here’s the problem after the ip address in brackets is offline and pressing the on/off button has no effect nor the circle slider thing underneath it’s beginning to wind me up now!!

Well at least it’s mostly working now.

As I have mine setup to be seen from within Home Assistant, I rarely turn off the controller now and instead have a preset which is just black which I switch to rather than turning them off. That way they stay live all the time just waiting for me to change the preset.