Beginner but biggish project

Hi All,

Rigth so im a beginner following a dude on youtube a little called ‘Chris Maher’ and explained i need a ESP 32 and os on and bla bla bla and essentially ill be running around a 20m length of RGB planning on using BTF WS2811 in a channel above my coving around the perimeter of my living room and to reduce the amount of amps supply i want to run 24v i have a socket in the ceiling as i have a projector so have planned it out to be very cable hidden using this. but the ESP32 uses 5v how do i connect all this together my current thoughts are. 240v transformer to 5v, to power the ESP32 and then step up from 5v to 24v adn into the LED but the data cable to stay 5v ? am i right in saying this and this is all the equipment ill need ?

The correct way to do this is to get a 24v power supply with enough amps, if that is your desired voltage and run the ESP from the power supply using a buck converter (also known as DC-DC Stepdown Converter). Here is an example:

This one can take anywhere between 3v to 40v and convert it to a desired value, which in your case should be 5v.

That brings me to my last point, watching Chris is a great help. Here is a video from him that explains how to connect WS2815 to an ESP, which is also a 12v strip, similar to your WS2811. I decided to use a battery powered ESP and made the mistake of not connecting the ground from the ESP to the common ground, but other than that the wiring for you should be similar or the same as what he has in the video.