NEED HELP - 12v LED strip with ESP32 and 12v 33.3Amps big power supply

Items used:

  1. 240v AC to 12v 33.3Amps DC big power supply
  2. 2811 LED Strip: 12v 5mts with 300 LEDs (60 led /
  3. ESP32 - WROOM development board
  4. 12v to 5v LM2596-NR BUCK converter step down module

I have done everything as mentioned in the following video for my setup: 12v WS2815 with WLED / ESP32 - Setup, Power, Control - YouTube

The only difference in my setup and the video is that in the video a 12v to 5v step down converter is used where as I have used a LM2596-NR BUCK converter to reduce the 12v coming from the big power supply down to 5v and then connected the +ve to VIN connector on ESP32 and -ve to GND connector.

I have connected the green (data) wire from the LED strip to D4 connector of the ESP32 board.

I have used the 0.13.3 WLED installed and installed it on ESP32 board from using the instructions.

After all this setup is done, I um able to connect to the ESP32 board over wi-fi using the app and changed the GPIO to 4 in the app.
(Screenshot of the app below)


What happens when you connect the LEDs, do you get any lights at all?

You can turn off the ABL (automatic brightness limiter) for now, you’ve got plenty of power supply for that strip.

Your buck converter is fine if you can connect to WLED.
The video use a WS2815 strip, but you list a WS2811? can you link the actual strip you used?
Make sure you’re feeding data from the ESP32 to the Data In, or DI side of the strip, there is a direction you must follow.

Post pics of your setup.

@divsys First of all, wishing you a very happy new year 2023.

Thanks for the reply. I did check the direction and found that I had connected all the wiring and the data line in the opposite direction. Once I changed the direction the lights started to glow.

Thanks for the help.