Can WLED pull from JSON API to change color based on current air quality?

I would like to use WLED to pull the current air quality from a PurpleAir sensor locally and display the corresponding AQI color on an LED matrix (just recall a preset). I have everything setup as far as hardware goes, just trying to figure out the best way to do this. Ideally WLED would handle the API call and logic to determine the correct color to display. Perhaps a Usermod could do that? But I am having trouble finding in the documentation where I could initiate an API call to an external device using a Usermod. The other option is to use a Raspberry PI to do the API calls to both the AQI sensor and WLED to change the color but that adds another layer that I’d like to avoid if possible. I briefly looked through the existing Usermods in git and didn’t see anything similar to what I’m looking for. Any tips?

edit Never mind, I am going to go another route.

you could develop your own usermod. I suggest to start from the Rotary Encoder one that has capability of modify basic working parameters.