Color Sliders

Bring them back to somewhere in the UI! :smiley:

Hi @tonyno,

do you mean three sliders for R, G and B ? …or even H, S and V :wink:

A problem that will hit the project in a while will be that even when disabling all “additional features” like Alexa, Hue-Sync, Blynk, Infrared, Cronixie and OTA, the size of the binary will get above the 487k limit of the ESP01 and then this device will not work with WLED anymore.

Changes to the UI - if they are added and not replaced - are often quite big…

…but let’s see what @Aircoookie thinks about this :smile:

Refactor slider html & js? Or, was that done long ago?

Yes, those. :wink: Better, fine control that way.

Hmm. Maybe in a version just for ESP32? :smile:

I’ve seen things in the code that are not stripped when disabled. :astonished:

Yes, the HTML is kind of special - you cannot disable html-parts that belong to things that are disabled (like Blink or Hue-Sync), because the HTML-response is defined as PROGMEM (to stay in flash all the time) and you cannot use #defif inside an PROGMEM = R"=====() statement.

So you can basicaly only get rid of unused HTML, if this is on a complete page (like done for DMX).

Coming to the sliders: the UI is kind of special, because this part is G-zipped, binary encoded and also definded as PROGMEM - so this is nothing to play around often.

I’d love to re-add color sliders soon!
Added it to my new TODO list, which you can find in the github projects tab to keep track of stuff.

@Def3nder is right, we are running out of program space (as well as RAM haha). Once I add better presets (nameable, all can save segments, more than 16), I would have to stop supporting 512k entirely and the 1Mb wouldn’t be OTA updatable. Quite a significant tradeoff for sure, but most users are running 4Mb D1 mini’s or NodeMCUs anyways.
Web UI features do not need a lot of space though. The entire UI is less than 30kB gzipped. Effects and interfaces also use quite a lot. So space has to be considered generally, but a single new effect would typically need the same storage as adding this feature :smile:

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By the way, I made a little wiki section to show how to make changes to the UI:

I hope it will be helpful to someone!


So, the rgb sliders are done, but not enabled. How to we get that? :smiley:

In 0.10.2 and up, there is a checkbox for it in UI settings :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that all the UI settings except for the name and sync are device-specific, so you need to enable it on all client devices you want to use.

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Regarding memory.
The cost of upgrading to D1 mini’s, Esp32’s or other 4mb boards shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone nowadays as they are so cheap. It wouldn’t be productive to limit Wled’s progression for the sake of supporting lower memory processors. It would also consume more of your time to keep adapting code for supporting these boards. Just my opinion.

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I absolutely agree!
I’ve personally never used anything less than 4MB just for convenience reasons.
Not because of the flash, but because I don’t want to have to fiddle around with FTDI converters for flashing, so onboard USB is a big bonus.

Just dropped 512K support with 0.10.2 being the last supported version. 1MB will be supported for a long time, just no wireless updates. On all other boards we have loads of flash and the very limited RAM of the 8266 is the primary challenge (PC or phone app developers for example don’t have to come up with a way of handling hundreds of kB big files when you only have 8 kB free RAM :sweat_smile: )

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You’re doing a great job, team.

I’m agree low memory support is dragging some features, like file system.

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