Connect to a athom controller

Hey everyone
I have question about athom controller, it has five slots where you would insert the wires from the various rgb led light,but I’m have a problem, on the athom controller the five wire slots are label W G B R VCC so what is the correct way to hook up a three wire Rgb lights strip to this controller and how would you hook up a four wire rgb lights strip to the controller, I would appreciate any help regarding this problem. One last thing I’m a total NOOB about all things regarding rgb led lights. Thanks Austin

Sounds like an analog strip.
I’m guessing with the original controller you can choose any colour you want but it applies to every LED in the strip?

If so you need the analog section from the docs: Getting started.

You need to assign a separate GPIO to each LED colour you want to control.
It’s not clear if your strip has just RGB colours or RGB plus W for white.

As far as the connection points, typically you’d expect R-Red channel, G-Green channel, B-Blue channel. If you have separate White LEDs, that would be the W channel.
Vcc is usually +5V or +12V (check the power supply to know for sure).

Thanks for your reply regarding Athom WLED controller I brought, I figured out that I brought the wrong controller instead of getting the correct one, so whe