Sk6812 rgbw

Hi there. I have an Athom pre flashed led strip controller (link below) which is working fine with a W2812b led strip. I bought a SK6812 RGBW strip and I tried to set up, but nothing happened. In the led preferences menu I changed the strip to SK6812 RGBW, did a reboot on the controller but the strip doesnt lit. Not even only one led. What am I doing wrong? Tried an EPS32 board WLED installed, but the situation is the same. Thanks.

Have you got any info on the SK6812 strip?

Make sure you’re feeding data to the strip in the correct direction.
If you can, post some pics of your setup.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that the cable in the WAGO connector was the problem now the stip works but have to fint the correct color order bacause they are not.