CyLight90 is a Cylinder Light consisting of 90 LEDs. The goal was to create a simple light, that could be assembled fast using cheap materials, so that you can have many of them. I use them mainly in an orchestrated way using DMX over E1.31 (sACN) in combination with QLC+.

90 LEDs is a good practical upper limit since the power is taken from internal transformer, so any USB charger/powerbank can be used, given that not all LEDs are bright white at the same time.
For safety the current can be limited to 1A in settings.

Bill of Materials



here’s some inspiration for really cheap lampshades:

  1. sandwich paper

  2. custom 3D-printed (creates nice lens effects)



i like it much because this is something what children around 11…15 could build at home these times. Just now you gave me the idea to have them busy for more then one day.
They is also dark colored and transparent foil which you can get in white, red, yellow and blus. White would be the right choice. ALso white backing paper is possible. And a switch to use it as night lamp. The switch could be mounted on a cable so that the switch would be laying near the pillow.

Man you saved my life, haha. Very cool idea and material i have a lot for this.

@mike2nl: i want to try pastic foil that you can put on a window to make it milky, but this was what i have currently at home. i’m ver open to suggestions of semitranslucent materials.

you might also integrate a light sensor.

Yes the foil for windows is the right start. But there a very diffent qualities. Be aware of that and spent best 1 or 2 bucks more to get the best out of it. When you go buy some take a mini wled installtion with you and accu to power it up to see in the shop that you get the best one. Then ask for more information about the foil so you get possible the address. haha, that would be fun.

The light sensor is already in WLED supported. I don’t know how because i have done no tests, yet. But because my work for Tasmota (github) i know how to implement other sensors too. I don’t wont to make Tasmota angry never, but the one or other sensor could be a good addition. But first i have to understand the whole user mod thing. And BTW wled is not a control system it’s for lights and i love it.

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