MxLight64 is a 8x8 MatriX Light consisting of 64 LEDs.
The goal was to create a simple light, that could be assembled fast using cheap materials, so that you can have many of them. I use them mainly in an orchestrated way using DMX over E1.31 (sACN) in combination with QLC+.

Bill of Materials


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Finally a Lego fan who build things like me. Okay i search for one color combinations in Lego because i’m crazy. Looks good to me…

LEGO is great for prototyping :wink:
using different colors makes it more easy to identify the bricks.

Lego is for me, my 2 cents, the best material todo the things i need. Because i think mostly doing things for kids to show them the world of tomorrow and make them a bit more sensirtive for things that are comming and don’t take as normal. Understanding things is the important part. Don’t eat the meal where you don’t know how it’s cooked.

->using different colors makes it more easy to identify the bricks
Right for prototyping it is very aesy. That’s my way too and it helps when you missing things.

Now i’m 60 years young and i started to play with Lego when i was 8 years old. My whole life i had Lego in my bagage when i was working in the whole world to have some fun in the holet when we where not working. Yeah that crazy guy type.

I have seen a lot of things in the DiY where Lego was used to build things and i have saved many links and this gave me the idea to do it in the same way and it was the material i hand on my hands.