Defining Wled Universes

I’m an absolute newbie to led’s and especially WLED - which I am loving. Thank you Aircookie - and others who have inspired me.

I’m a little perplexed as to how/where one defines the Universes in WLED… are these essentially the Segments?

ie Does a Segment in WLED correlate with a Universe in Vixen?

I know at one stage Aircookie advised this would be limited to 8 - and I see we can now go up to 12.

OR is all configuration done in software like Vixen/xLights - where we simply daisy chain all leds and then define/segregate Universes - where the limit is 170 pixels / 510 channels.

Answering my own Question :

wLED only requires setting the “start universe” under “Config / Sync Interfaces”.

…and the Universe is defined under xLights.

THANK YOU Dr ZZs for the video :

In your own words “that had me stumped for a looooong time

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Yep just define the start universe the rest is figured out from there. Keep in mind depending on the frame rate you want to run at your number of pixels will be limited by that.

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TheDon thanks TheDan(ny)… the irony of THE names. lol

Thanks for the pointer re the frame rate. I am going for a lower rate at this stage… but I’m sure I’ll be getting more adventurous as I go along.

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Yes love it!!!