Missing 171st pixel on Wled 0.10.2 with more than one E1.31 universe

I just uploaded the 0.10.2 to a fresh '8266 and have been testing my new HolidayCoro props with it. To simplify my wiring, I just daisy-chained several props together and with the last one ran over the 1-universe limit of pixels (150 before, 235 now). I didn’t notice it at first but the pixel exactly at the 171’st location is dark. I have my xLights set up for 510 channel universes as I have used in the past. I changed it as a test to 512, but that ended up just removing one pixel from the data stream and shifting the rest of the pixels one location forward (so the 171st pixel’s data came from pixel 172, 172 from 173, etc)… which then keeps the 171st pixel from being dark but then the last pixel is dark instead. Any suggestions on this? The WLED code without the E1.31 works fine across the 170 pixel barrier, so it is somewhere in the E1.31 handling. Anybody else notice this issue with the 0.10.2?

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The same thing happened with Arnet, but with the previous version.
The new version is perfect.

What I can’t know is if in arnet mode the maximum is 500 LEDs.

With scan reach 820 LEDs without problems.

I have to start modifying the code.
Excuse me, I use google translator.

So it’s not just me with this problem. Did you figure out how to fix this problem or is it a software bug?

Thank you for reporting, I could indeed reproduce the issue using xLights!

After 2hrs of troubleshooting, managed to fix the issue. It was an off-by-one error that actually caused the last LED of the first universe (170th) to stay unlit.
The strange part is that this didn’t happen with LedFX (my go-to E1.31 testing client for its simplicity), despite it being set up for 510 channels as well.
In any case, the issue is fixed now in latest master!

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I just installed WLED on my esp8266 and I have a similar, if not exactly the same problem. I’m using XLights to control my LEDs. They all work except for the 1st LED on the 2nd universe. (It could also be the last LED on the first universe)


I’m having the exact same issue as well with the 170th, 340th and 510th all unlit in my string of 578!!