Different preset cycle for different days of the week

Hello. How would I go about using different preset cycles for different days of the week? I wouldn’t be using the boot up preset cycle. I think I need to use macros or other language for 1 preset which tells it to cycle through certain presets. Then I can choose that preset for the day and time I need, and create a different preset with a different preset cycle for a different day. Is that correct? Can anyone give me an example or direct me where to find info on how to do this? Thanks!

There are playlists now. Check into that for use in Time & Macros.

Make sure you are using the newest (0.13-b5) releases found here. I believe any of the 0.13 releases should have playlists implemented.

Thanks. I’m using .12 with playlists. I can select a playlist for a day and time. But how do I select a range of playlists to cycle through for a day and time?


I believe this is achieved by making playlists of playlists.

Update to 0.13-b5.
Much more stable and bugfree.

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