Effect 5 minutes en than next

is it possible to let 1effect play for 5 minutes and then it continues to the next effect?

As far as I know, you can only specify things based on a time-of-day.

Currently it is not possible in WLED itself (it is when using external automations), but I plan to introduce a playlist feature to achieve this functionality.

There is an “ugly workaround” though:
Save the effect you want to run after 5 minutes in a preset (for example 1).
Then, in Time settings, set Timed-Light-Over Macro to 1. In Advanced Macros, put PL=1 in the first text field.
Now go to LED settings, and in the Timed light section, set the duration to 5 minutes, turn Fade off and set the target brightness to something close (but not exactly) the master brightness you are using (for example 254 if you are using max. brightness).
Now set the first effect to run, turn on the Nighlight timer and after 5 min, it should switch to the effect stored in the preset!

Use the JSON config to load a playlist into a preset. Within that config you can specify the specific time for each preset to play:
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See bottom of the JSON wiki page: