Effects starting at different locations when switching presets

I’m running a playlist that goes through some presets and it seems like the presets are not always starting at the same spot. How do I “reset” the preset so it doesn’t resume where it left off and starts fresh?

Try adding a “tb”:0 entry for the effect portion of the preset.
That should force the effect to “start from the beginning” when the preset loads.

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Hey divsys,

Do you mean in the API command box?

Here is an example I’m currently using:


Where would I add “tb”:0?

I noticed when you click between effects they “reset” but clicking through presets/playlists they don’t seem to? Is this a bug?

Yup, for me it’s been simplest to use the command box.
In my uses it’s been something like:


Which according to the KB “resets the timebase of the effect”
Interestingly, the value for the “tb” parameter doesn’t have to be 0.
That means you can theoretically choose where in the “effect cycle” you start up.
That also leads me to believe the effects can also run on in the background if you don’t choose a preset.

I think that’s what you’re seeing in your second question - I’m guessing it’s not a bug, just a consequence of allowing multiple effeccts to run simultaneously. I’m guessing the “tb” parameter is a means of getting some control over this.

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Works great! Thanks!