Eps32 pin out

I use Eps 32 and I want to check a lot of leds and I give GPIO (18,19,21 ) data if a led works uncontrollably what should I do as the video appears
video link : iCloud
Thanks in advance for your answers

That looks like a ground issue. Do you have all the grounds tied together? Esp, strips, power supply. All need common ground.

I did as you said, it happened, only the led explodes 3 colors, the video is as it looks video link iCloud

Now it looks like the Esp is too far from the first LED and the data signal is not strong enough. You should add a level shifter to boost the data signal from 3.3v to 5v Compatible Hardware - WLED Project SN74AHCT125N is a good choice. Or you could try moving the Esp closer to the first LED.