Error 12

I had 4 devices synced together and added a newly made 5th, but I updated the 5th from 10.2 to 11.0 before putting in the group. After it started syncing, I have a persistent Error 12, that I’m unable to dismiss.

Is my only choice to update the 4 version 10.2 devices to 11.0 ??

Error 12 means that something (either an automation or most likely your Boot Preset in LED settings) tried to load a preset which does not exist. You can dismiss this error by loading any valid preset from the preset list (if you don’t have one, create a new preset and load it). This should make it easier to find out what exactly is causing the error.

The sync functionality itself is unable to apply presets, so it can’t really come from that. The sync protocol is also fully compatible, there should be no issues syncing an 0.11.0 device to a device running any previous version…

I am having this same problem and can’t seem to get rid of the message. I actually have no presets and have the "Apply preset at boot " set to blank.
Any more ideas

I know this is an old topic but I have the same issue and I cant get rid off it.

I’m always getting the Error 12: Preset Not Found
I don’t have any preset and I set blank (default) the boot preset.

Anything I can do to fix that message?


As a workaround , Did you try to save a new preset and configure it for boot ?

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If I create a new preset, (I’m not sure if I need to make one or more than one), the error goes away.
I was making some experiences and soon as I created some presets, I could get rid of the error. I would like to understand more about the error and how I could fix it, but I can live with this workaround since I will need those presets.
The boot preset remains as 0.

Thanks for your support.

cool , just one thing what version of wled you are using ?


I’m using the latest version [0.13.0-b6].

I’m also having this issue. ESP32 only.
0.13.0-b6 Boot preset set to 0.
Made a preset saved to 1 with no effect.