ESP 32 not working but ESP 8266 is

Hello. First post so excuse me if I do anything wrong

I have got 2 ESP8266 chips working with WLED. I have flashed the esp32 with the latest bin file and can open that on my own network so all good there.

I think my issue is wiring. I have 100 ws2811 bulbs connected but nothing lights up. I have the grd connected to ground. Power to vin and data to D2. I suspect this might be something easy as the esp8266 chips worked after this but just cant figure it out. Any help greatly appreciated.

Make sure that the GND on the esp32 is the same as the GND on the LEDs, and connect them if they are not. Also make sure that you have the correct pin specified in LED settings (I don’t use the esp32, but I think you are correct that D2 or G2 should correspond to GPIO2).

Make sure you are applying the correct voltages to the correct parts. This is all from memory, so do your own research, but I believe ws2811s are 12V LEDs, and I believe the esp32 has a maximum voltage of 10V.

EDIT: The discord has led me to believe that the default pin for ESP32 is GPIO16. Either switch your wiring to use D16 instead of D2, or change your LED settings to use Pin 2 instead of the default pin 16.

The other thing to watch out for is many boards have a builtin “status” LED attached to GPIO2 and that may affect your ability to drive strips. May be worth while to try a different pin on the ESP32’s.

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Thanks so much. It was the gpio pin output that was set incorrectly.