ESP wifi range


first a thumbs up for the wled project.

now my question:
I have 2 wemos D1 mini with an extremely poor wifi range.
more than 4m between ESP and router and the connection is lost.
I think that’s not normal, is it?
Can someone give me a buy recommendation?

Hi Thomas,

thank you, I am glad you like WLED!
yeah, ESP signal range is not always the best. Also of course dependant on other factors like the amount of neighboring wifi interference. Firstly, make sure that there are no cables running right next to the antenna on the D1 mini PCB, that can drastically reduce range. Also make sure there are no other large metal objects nearby if possible.

For best reception I’d recommend the Wemos D1 mini pro. It is a normal D1, but with more flash memory and an external antenna connector. Many sellers offer it as a kit together with the correct antenna for about $6.

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the hints.
I will order the Wemos D1 mini pro by Reichelt.
I hope, he works correctly.


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I have several D1 minis, most are pretty ok with signal.
It also very depends on your routers wifi signal, most isp moder/routers are kinda bad in that regard.
With my R7000 it has good signal even 10m away.
But then again I dont live in a crouded city either :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @werner_tom,
you get way better WiFi signal with ESP devices that can attach external antennas.
There are several out there that have both - the downside: you need to desolder an 0 Ohm resistor and solder it in another position. The SMD resistor can barely be seen with pure eyes :wink:
If you want try that the WeMos D1 mini pro is available as bundle with an extenal antenna: AliExpress

A better solution is to get an ESP that only has the connector for an ext. antenna (and no PCB antenna): the ESP07, but unfortunately there is no single board with an ESP07 available :cry:

So one solution would be to switch to ESP32 and use the ESP32-WROOM-32U.
That is available as dev. board with USB-serial, 5-to-3.3 V step down etc: AliExpress

Then you can use either a PCB antenna: AliExpress

or a pigtail adapter and a regular one: AliExpress

I would say only 4m is not normal. Usually around more then 10m is bad. And that is one of the reason to switch board to one with external antenna. Aircoookie love :slight_smile: Wemos and I think too that Pro version is a good choice.

Hello, I have ordered the Wemos Mini Pro from Amazon. The delivery times at aliexpress are too long.
i uploaded some videos from my project. i hope it works with the new wemos :slight_smile:

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currently i use a “magic home” LED controller at the same place like the esp8266. He work like expected. I disassemble the controller and tatata, it’s a ESP8285 with the same PCB Antenna like my ESP8266.
I dont understand, why my ESP8266 has a poor Range.:(.
in Monday i can try the ESP with a external antenna.

The Wemos D1 mini pro arrived yesterday :slight_smile:
i tested it without the external Antenna and he works perfect.


I’m looking for a ESP to run WLED but it has two restrictions:

  • Size -has to be about 3mm less in width than a D1 Mini

  • External Antenna -to go in a metal enclosure

I was looking at the ESP-07s however I need to clarify what other components I will need for this to run WLED. I understand I will need a CH340 serial adapter to flash it and then a 3v3 regulator for it to run off 5v. Is that it?

You may also need some pull-up resistors on the appropriate pins along with a few capacitors. Check your device’s datasheet and application notes for “minimum circuit”.

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You have to download specs sheet from Espressif site for ESP-07S module. Inside they provide minimum circuit for module. But it’s only for run that module. Without pull up resistors on some pins module can work unstable. Everything have to be according to your needs.

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Thanks I got it working eventually by bits of info I found here and there. I had to wire the EN pin to the vcc and GPIO15 to GND for it to boot. The datasheet didn’t specify a minimum circuit but did have one for flashing. Strange there was a mention of using a resistor on the EN pin elsewhere, not sure the benefit of that but seems to work fine without.

You can use my circuit for reference or here

Nice PCB! It’s a bit ott for what I need right now but if I have any external requirements I’ll certainly keep it in mind. What are the benefits of the relay? I’m guessing it cuts power to the LEDS when off? Do they use that much?

Hi! Not light doesn’t mean no current. If you have few LEDs in your setup you don’t need a relay. But if you have 150 LEDs and more standby mode became a power hug. So it’s better and safer when you have a relay.

Hi Def3nder,
I followed your advise and got the ESP32-WROOM-32U in order to get longer WiFi range to control some leds with Wled.
I am having 2 issues .
1st is powering the board, when I set it up first using the micro usb it connects to my WiFi without issue and when I try to power it, by giving it 5 volts through the 5 v and ground pin it won’t connect to Wifi. If I use any usb power source its works fine, that is it connects to my WiFi and I can log into the UI.
2nd is which pin do I connect the data pin from my light.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Hi Chris,
the easy one first: the data pin 2 is PIN 24 on the EDP32 and that’s labeled ‘2’ or ‘D2’ or ‘IO2’.
IR receiver would connect to ‘4’.

The problem with the power supply is weird.

Did you use the pins labeled ‘5V’ or 'Vin" and ‘GND’ ? This should work with a 5V power supply.
However, a higher current surge happens during WIFI communication and thus at minmum a 470 uF capacitor should be soldered to VIN and GND (I personally use a 1000 uF capacitor everytime).

…and: the power supply itself should have an enough power to drive the LEDs and the ESP32 (500 mA for the ESP and 55mA per LED pixel for WS281x).

I would start adding that capacitor :slight_smile:

Hi Def3nder
I didn’t use any capacitor I just wired it direct I tried it with 2 different boards just to see

I’m only allowed to up load one picture per post so please bare with me.


you made my day.
As a new comer I can only post 3 pictures and I can only post 3 reply’s so I was stuck for a while until I figured out I can edit existing post, so hopefully this gets to you.

When i’m fitting the capacitor i connect it in parallel to the 5v and gnd ?. the closest i have got to the one you mentioned is a 100 uF, but should i wait until i have the right one.