ESP32 Board with 2xLAN

does anybody knows how to get an esp32 board with 2xLAN? I would like to use WLED with LAN connection, but i need the LAN port also for different things. I want to avoid a dedicated minihub or use Y-kabels to split up the line.


Please more information (more specific)

Never seen one, but why could you not use the same connection? It’s not like you can run 2 firmwares on the same board at the same time anyway.

That’s not how physical ethernet connections work.
You need a hub or a switch port for every physical connection to your network.
The “dual port LAN” version ESP32 you’re looking for would just be a board with a 2-port switch built-in.

Either use WiFi or put in a switch, honestly an 8 port gigabit switch is what - $25 now?

That’s just the cost of expanding your network.