ESPixelStick & RGBW Floods

Hi, I am using the WLED install me web interface to set up my little controllers. What i am not seeing, is a way to control the warm white portion of an RGBW flood light. when I set all the sliders, which there are just the 3, i still get that pinkish hue to my lights, so I know it’s not tapping into the white light itself.

Any direction would be welcome, and appreciated!
Thank you

What type did you choose for the LED Output under Config → LED Preferences → Hardware Setup?
Should be SK6812RGBW for addressable colour pixels or PWM RGBW for analog.

Those will give you a 4th slider for the W channel.

I ended up figuring that out, although the white slider isn’t white, as there are only the 3 color choices of R G B… but figured out the first color in the sequence at 100 % is white

Thank you for your reply!!